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“The newly appointed members will add to the Commission’s global perspective in the protection of minors and vulnerable adults.

Anthem also will offer to reimburse freeze costs for those who were minors on January 27, 2015 and who are now adults and who choose to set an adult credit freeze within one year of the date of the letter notifying them about this offer. Anthem is offering this to minors impacted by the cyber attack against Anthem.There’s no proof that anyone’s information was misused, but we want you to have extra peace of mind.We’re offering a special program to pay for a credit freeze for your child.A credit freeze is sometimes called a “credit lock.” It can help stop things like getting a credit card in the child’s name. You’ll need to send your information within a year of the date on your letter. It is not related to any other rights related to the credit bureaus under your state’s law.We’ll cover the full cost of this service with the three major credit bureaus As part of this program you won’t get a bill for placing the freeze or removing it. Just keep in mind that your child still needs to be under 18 years old to receive the free credit freeze. A credit freeze can help to stop credit card companies and others from opening new credit accounts in your child’s name without your OK.

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