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She can hang up that Steve Jobs turtleneck swimsuit, stop bemoaning her single gal fate to engaged and married friends far and wide – because Stassi is back in a relationship, people! Stassi’s followers heaped on the encouragement, commenting “So happy for you! Do not listen to haters-only you know what is right.”This outpouring of support is likely a welcome change of pace from the negative backlash Stassi received last season.And this time, it looks like we may get to see it play out on camera. Backlash which, Stassi said, made her “suicidal.” After engaging in what some dubbed as mean girl behavior, the internet dragged Stassi…HARD.The New Orleans native said that while there was some turbulence in the romance, she was still caught off-guard when Meagher called things off.'We’ve had an up-and-down relationship from the beginning, and it was kind of our pattern obviously, to break up and make up - but this time was, to me, a shock - like the real, full breakup.'In the aftermath of the breakup, Stassi said she needed 'quite a few months' to recuperate from the distressing turn, adding that she still stays in touch with Meagher, describing him as a 'wonderful person.''Whoever he finds is a really lucky woman, he's just not the right person for me.'Stassi told the publication that she's currently having fun dating: 'It's fun ...every date that I've gone on, and every man that I've met, I really like.'Stassi also killed rumblings that she could be headed toward a relationship with Southern Charm hunk Shep Rose, 37, who she appeared with earlier this month on an edition of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live.'You know, he’s wonderful, he’s handsome and charming and witty and all that stuff, and I enjoy every time we get to hang out - but like we would probably kill each other,' she said. we wouldn't know who would wear the pants, both of us would want to wear the pants so we would just be pulling the legs.'Vanderpump Rules airs Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.For over a decade, LALATE has been a proud licensed member of the St Louis, MO Press Club.

Second, in recent months, Bravo has brought in a new development head who comes, not internally from inside Bravo, but rather from The City’s former home, MTV Networks.

Stassi BF Pictures Set 1 Stassi BF Photo 1 Stassi BF Photo 2 Stassi BF Photo 3 Stassi BF Photo 4 Tonight fans will be asking who is Stassi dating. that breaks my heart, it makes me sad.” Jax replies “The more she pushed him away, the more it made it harder. He is just a fantastic person.” Stassi is dating Patrick Meagher, a Sirius XM show host.

She says of Jax and his tattoo “when I first saw it, it put pressure on me. I never had a girl saw no to me before.” Stassi BF Pictures Set 2 Stassi BF Photo 5 Stassi BF Photo 6 Stassi BF Photo 7 Stassi BF Photo 8 Then Cohen asks Stassi who she is dating. Stassi BF Pictures Set 3 Stassi BF Photo 9 Stassi BF Photo 10 Stassi BF Photo 11 Stassi BF Photo 12 Stassi says she only talks to Katie and her boyfriend and has no communication with the Pump cast anymore. We don’t have any communication…I cut him out of my life,” she tells OK Magazine.

LALATE can exclusively report that in 2013, Lisa Vanderpump made moves quietly to expand her producing arm.

LALATE can report that Vanderpump obtaining new trademarks to her brand name, and is actively seeking to develop more television shows based upon her existing platforms and commercial properties.

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