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Note that because the original Tex file contains certain macros producing Postcript, I was unable to produce pdf output of certain pages directly.Those pages were converted from ps files to pdf files.The conference is intended for computer scientists whose research activities involve logic, as well as for logicians working on issues significant for computer science.Suggested topics of interest include: automated deduction and interactive theorem proving, constructive mathematics and type theory, equational logic and term rewriting Logic for Computer Science From the Introduction This book will differ from most others with similar titles because we aim to give you not one or two ways of looking at Logic, but many.You also have to be able to think in a logical way: be a bit of a Vulcan. It just means being able to think precisely, extracting all the knowledge possible from a situation just by pure reasoning.It's about being able to say what is definitely the case given what is already known..it's fun to do. They are similar to Soduko, but with a crossword format.These workshops traditionally support research linking the formal-logical study of normative concepts and normative systems with computer science, artificial intelligence, philosophy, organisation theory and law.In addition to these general themes, DEON2006 will encourage a special focus on the topic Artificial Normative Systems There have been seven previous DEON workshops: Amsterdam, December 1991; Oslo, January 1994; Sesimbra, January 1996; Bologna, January 1998; Toulouse, January 2000; London, May 2002; Madeira, May 2004. 2nd printing, 2008, XIV, 304 p., Softcover ISBN: 978-1-85233-319-5 Ships in 3 - 5 business days About this textbook About this textbook Mathematical Logic for Computer Science is a mathematics textbook with theorems and proofs, but the choice of topics has been guided by the needs of computer science students.

Eighth International Workshop on Deontic Logic in Computer Science (DEON'06) Utrecht, The Netherlands, 12, 13 and 14 July, 2006 The biennial DEON workshops are designed to promote cooperation among scholars across disciplines who are interested in deontic logic and its use in computer science.The Committee consisted of Yuri Gurevich (Chair), Rajeev Alur, and Glynn Winskel.In 2007, the Committee has selected the following two papers for the LICS Test-of-Time Award; the papers are listed in the order they appeared in the LICS 1987 proceedings: ).Selected papers from each of these workshops have been Ben-Ari , Mordechai Originally published by Prentice Hall International Ltd., UK, 1993 2nd ed. The method of semantic tableaux provides an elegant way to teach logic that is both theoretically sound and yet sufficiently elementary for undergraduates.To provide a balanced treatment of logic, tableaux are related to deductive proof systems.

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