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After that, if you receive financial aid from Mx CC, contact our Financial Aid department to see if your financial aid can be applied to the host institution and what the procedure is to follow. You sign onto Blackboard, our course management system via My Comm Net.You have a syllabus that you’ll follow and you’ll submit all assignments, exams, and projects online.Transferring financial aid can be done, but it is your responsibility to follow up with both colleges, your home college and Mx CC. As a new student, you are asked to come to our campus (Middletown or Meriden) and register in person. Click here for instructions on how to monitor enrollment status.A failure of submitting necessary documents when transferring your financial aid from your home college to Mx CC may result in being dropped from your classes. You are recommended to contact Admissions to apply for the college first before you come to campus to register an online course. The admission staff will assist you with registering an online course. You are able to monitor remaining seats in an online class at My Comm Net. You may find information about online courses being offered in other institutions in Connecticut by doing a course search at two sites.If you are taking an online course with campus requirements (math courses listed as OLCR method), you will need to come to campus to take exams.

Just like in an on-campus class, in every week you will meet the class objectives by doing assignments, papers, projects, or exams as well as reading text, articles, Power Point presentations, class notes, etc. How do I know if I am ready to take an online course?

Do I need to fill out the application for admission in order to register for classes?

Yes, in this case, you are considered as new student for Mx CC.

To enter a degree program, you must be able to furnish a copy of your high school diploma and proof of immunization for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.

Without this, a hold will be placed on your account and you will not be eligible to register.

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