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For a while, they thought she was in San Diego – that was pretty fearful for them.‘They were thinking if something happened in San Diego, they would just ship her across the border and then she’d be gone. He said: ‘They kept her drugged for most of the time down there.They were just beside themselves.’Ellis says they had been advised to keep their investigation into Sarah’s disappearance quiet in order to avoid tipping off the alleged sex traffickers but, after drawing a blank, decided to launch a social media appeal for help. He [the kidnapper] kept her on a pretty tight rein and would only take her out at night.He said: ‘The story I heard is that the boyfriend went to the restroom, came back out and she was gone. Then they [the alleged traffickers] just took her off.’According to Ellis, the family immediately began searching for Sarah – initially keeping the investigation quiet on the advice of trafficking charities before launching a social media appeal on February 5. We understand.’Instead, the family turned detective themselves; working with charities such as Ark of Hope For Children, which specializes in finding sex trafficking victims.The appeal went viral on February 14 after Sarah’s mother, Amie Dunsey, 36, released an emotional video message in which she appealed for information on her daughter’s whereabouts. After the Good Samaritan stopped sending information, Ellis says the family pursued other leads that took them to addresses in Las Vegas and San Diego.She was pretty open with the police but I don’t know exactly what was said and we don’t know what the charges are.‘We now have to let them [the police] do their job.’Sarah disappeared from Las Vegas on January 15 during a weekend away at the four-star MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, which offers rooms starting from 2 per night.

Sarah disappeared from the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, on January 15, where she had been spending the weekend with her boyfriend.

Surrounded by family and friends, she said: 'January 15 our daughter Sarah Dunsey was abducted from Las Vegas, Nevada; she's being held against her will and Sarah is a victim of sex trafficking.'This is my absolute worst nightmare. He said: ‘It was just release from a month of not knowing. ‘There’s no words that you can say that can ever ease that suffering. When we finally got her, it was just pure release.’The teenager, who Ellis describes as being ‘a sweet girl and extremely smart’ was later reunited with her six siblings and step-siblings at the family home in St. Now Ellis says she needs time to recover from her ordeal and to feel safe again.

From the pain of listening to your wife cry through the night.‘There’s no worse pain than listening to and trying to console a mother’s cry through the night – is she [Sarah] safe? ‘We definitely just need to spend some quality time together as a family.‘Lots of love, being open, being consoling and trying to make her feel safe.

When the campaign launched, with a Facebook page called ‘Help Us Find Sarah Dunsey’, the first post suggested the family had ‘reason to believe she was still in Las Vegas or possibly California’. I just can’t imagine how it must have been.’The teenager was taken to nearby UCLA hospital and subjected to a battery of tests, including for rape and sexual assault, before being reunited with her parents at 6am the following morning.

A slew of photographs of missing Sarah followed and, when that failed to work, a video was released on Valentine’s Day in which a clearly distressed Amie issued a plea for the teen’s safe return. According to Ellis, news of Sarah’s discovery felt like being ‘released’ from ‘every parent’s worst nightmare’.

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