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) plus the cinema is much more fun if you are escaping to a snow kingdom, watching a Christmas favourite on a rooftop or snuggling down under a blanket with a mulled wine.

There are lots going on London this winter so you have lots to choose from; great if Bumble is working out well for you and you have lots of dates, tell me your secret to success?

How could we forget the one just gone; the summer of Bardot necklines.

There’s nothing less romantic than clinging onto the handrail, legs flailing and a look of bobble-hatted terror across your contorted face.London's first avocado-only restaurant is finally here!Whilst you wait for Avobar to open on Henrietta Street, a pop-up on Floral Street will be serving up your favourite avocado dishes from Wednesday through to Sunday.And, if the date doesn’t work out you can commiserate or celebrate by returning to your one true love…Winter Cinema The cinema, a classic date, the safe option – but also rather boring.On a date, I want to get to know someone, not sit there in silence.

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