High school freshman dating senior

And didn't connect to us on a personal level.5th year (dumb) seniors can often be 19 years old, and freshman can be 13 yrs old. 19 yr old adult male dating 14 yr old girl is not just creepy, but sickening. I wouldn't sweat what people think, but if u want to know want they think...And didn't connect to us on a personal level.: Pretty much yes.

The other dated rather secretly, but it became known later.

As a young guy dating an older girl is looked higher upon. Sorta like the boy who hooks up with the hot female teacher is seen as lucky.

Whereas the girl hooking up the older man is naturally seen as creepy. And have dire consequences for all involved parties.: Nah.

they prob think the senior is a douchebag loser who couldn't get a date with anyone his age because he is so lame and ugly, so he has to take advantage of younger girls. This statement though reminded me of a dude in our grade.

That after making an ass of himself on multiple occasions early on in HS.

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