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A derelict crane has become a new home for storks, their big nests precariously balanced among the struts.The border is very strictly watched from both sides - Turkish guards facing Russian guards on the Armenian side.The absence of diplomatic relations means no free trade and almost no cultural exchanges between the two countries.The isolation exacerbates Armenia's difficult economic situation; and it complicates the wider geopolitical situation in an already tense region. One of the most common DIY assignments revolves around tiling projects.It’s easy to get into such activities since the outcome is definitely favorable.If you want to step up your tiling skills, these guidelines can surely help you generally.

People on either side live isolated from one another.

Not even the North-South Korea border has been shut for as long as this one, analysts note.

It has military installations dating back to the darkest days of the Cold War.

After adding your tiles, it’s tempting to immediately apply the grout just to complete the job.

However, being impatient can only ruin your tiling project.

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