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Fixer I’m Yours Dreamlife of Rand Mc Nally I Won’t Give Up Is this an acoustic show?

If you are going to see Jason Mraz early in the year, it may very well be an acoustic concert.

“Chowing down on fruit wasn’t the only quirky behavior Mraz displayed on stage.

Between songs, he spoke to the audience in Italian and French and introduced a few songs with a Beatles-esque British accent.

A solid 15 minutes of the set will likely include Mraz talking about why you should be a good person, and making jokes about hipsters. Jason Mraz makes everything nice and clear on his official website when it comes to who he is working with on a daily basis.

Only one song is on all of Mraz’s sets, and that is his big early hit, “I’m Yours.” It almost always appears towards the end of the show, either closing out the entire set or the initial set that precedes the encore.

In the latter case, he closes with the single “I Won’t Give Up” from his 2012 release, Love is a Four Letter Word.

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Jason Mraz has had one really serious relationship in his life, but something went wrong and he decided to leave the existing Jason Mraz girlfriend that he has even been proposed to.

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