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Not only were we struggling to make ourselves heard across a dinner table at a rowdy Red Cross fundraising dance, we were also attending with our respective partners. It’s difficult to say when we weren’t in a position to fall into each other’s arms.Michael had a girlfriend, while I was with my husband, though the marriage was coming to an end. But I thought of Michael a lot over the following few weeks. All I know is that several weeks later, when Tender Is The Night dropped through my letterbox along with a note from Michael saying I really should read the book, I was delighted.Perhaps it sounds strange, but I can’t remember the first time Michael said he loved me.Nor can I remember him proposing — although we wed just two years later.

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She didn’t like my housing committee stories very much, and didn’t try in the least to protect my ego. Moreover, we were both in other relationships, so sex seemed out of the question.

Six months later, my husband moved out and Michael finally asked me to dinner at his London flat.

He cooked the most wonderful coq au vin, but, as I remarked in the thank-you letter I wrote to him afterwards, I was slightly put off by the image of him peeling so many shallots in preparation.

Of course, then it got very messy and horrible, with divorce and unhappiness for his wife.

But there is absolutely no question that he fell in love at first sight.

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