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The all-night dance parties known as “raves” feature big crowds, pulsating techno-music, flashing lights, and abundant drugs.These parties draw your kids like moths to a flame. Publicized as having no alcohol, raves typically have rampant drug use.I think it is important for teens to know what their parents' values are and to draw the line when it is being crossed.I think sometimes our teens depend on us to help them out of tricky sociual situations and appreciate the excuse that their parents won't allow them to participate.According to IMDB he's got 5 gigs going on in 2017, including piratey stuffs.Young people have lots of energy and crave spending time with their peers.March 2000 I would like advice and information from other parents regarding their children's interest in or attendance of raves and/or using the drug ecstasy. We discussed our concerns and the risks (ecstasy, sex, etc), but she seems to say that she is not interested in that.

Call our 24/7 hotline to learn more about how we help them overcome their struggles through family counseling, group therapy, and individual therapy. She says she likes to go for the music and the dancing.

Long-term use results in insomnia, anxiety, depression, and memory loss. Long-term use leads to psychosis and ongoing perception disorder.

Recognize the signs can cause increased anxiety, depression, and memory loss.

Taking place in old warehouses, large dance clubs, or fields, raves have numerous overdoses and are so crowded it is virtually impossible to maintain security or investigate the crimes that take place.

The following are a few things every parent needs to know about raves and club drugs.

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