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This triple conjunction asks, Part of the mountain is made of garbage and we are now at the brink of deciding what is rubbish and what is not.

With the help of Pluto as it moves slowly through Capricorn and will begin to square Uranus over the next year, the changes we are ready to stand up for are coming.

I find it funny how many different ways there are to type a smiley face.

In today's issue of the Baltimore Sun, an article was published on Towson President Robert Caret.

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A place to discuss the Astrology of Dreams, Film and other imaginative, mysterious and escapist pursuits.The real threats to us now are the masses being controlled.Imagine if our www was disconnected, illegal or what have you.This week when the triple conjunctrion is most exact we have mercury retrograde in Taurus, focusing our attention on the corruption, lies and greed that lies behind much of what goes on.Mercury in Taurus square this triple wammy reminds us too, to be real, to show it how it really is, to meet face to face, to have conversation around a dinner table not a computer screen, to see the other side of the world away from the computer.

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