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The proper way would have been to train all staff before the term started, to work with the child's peer group and to prepare the teachers to be able to talk to the other pupils and their parents individually to answer their questions.

My name is Rachika Kakar and I belong to India West Bengal, city Howrah.

The school called an emergency assembly and ordered fellow pupils to treat the individual as female, and threatened tough disciplinary action if he wasn't treated as a girl or if his new name was not used. One of them stated, "They behaved appallingly by throwing this hand grenade into the room and then leaving the inevitable questions about it for unprepared parents.

Maybe we could have explained sexual politics and encouraged our kids to be more sensitive if we'd had a chance to be involved." Deidre Sanders, an agony aunt for British tabloid The Sun, which broke the story, gave her view: "It's ironic pupils will be disciplined if they fail to handle this child's sex change 'sensitively' — when their school could hardly have handled it less sensitively.

Breaking news like this in a mass assembly without pre-briefing parents was crass and cruel — and added to this child's troubles." Because of the tauntings, the boy was absent from school on Thursday.

The family have been receiving threats and the house is now under police protection.

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