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Currently appearing in director Polly Stenham’s dark (dark, dark) comedy That Face, Christopher’s subdued, easy look shields a performance that is as layered as it is shocking.

Cool, calm, and collected, he didn’t complain once as we trudged all over the West Village (stumbling on the set of one of Andy Samberg’s SNL digital shorts), looking for the right place to get the shot.

What made it particularly funny was my incredibly white chest with a collar tan line. I’m in a movie called Paul Iacono Age: 21 Hometown: Secaucus, New Jersey Fashion credit: Bowtie, shirt, and vest by Ben Sherman At first glimpse of Paul Iacono, you’d never think of Frank Sinatra, but at four years old the New Jersey native was already debuting his crooner act at Don’t Tell Mama’s, the famous cabaret.

These 12 young actors may be all the rage, on and off Broadway (and on TV and the silver screen as well), but what caught our eye was their personal style. I'm Co-Founder of The Brooklyn Salsa Company, launching June 1st in NYC. Organic, Local, Direct Trade, the highest quality product on the market. Upcoming Theatre projects: Osama the Hero, Nocturne. Recently honored at they Owles Gay Pride Awards Ceremony for his sensitive portrayal of a gay character in (Tony-nominated for Best Play), Patrick has the chops to match his cheekbones.

Whether cruising around the Lower East Side, or sneaking out the stage entrance on to 45th st., there isn’t a moment when these dozen dudes aren’t looking dapper. We scheduled to meet him near Jack’s coffee house in the West Village, not knowing that, not so long ago, Patrick played music there.

I have a few designer items, but I wish I actually knew where and how they were made. One of my acting icons is also a style inspiration for me: Ryan Gosling. He made sure we took some of his Brooklyn Salsa home with us.

He's an incredible actor and always has a cool, classic style.

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