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Part of that isto know for sure (i do have doubts myself, even though i hit almostevery adhd bullet point), but its also to know if i have anyco-morbid disorders that could also be screwing me up. Iu0026#39;mtraining myself currently to prevent my stupid impulses (you can readall about that in my last post on this sub). I just regret that i didnu0026#39;t get it on camera. I always lose my phonebecause i leave it under a pile of clothes or unused drawers, and moststrangely places such as my microwave without even noticing.

Iu0026#39;m currently getting aprescription through my primary care doctor but plan on seeing apsychiatrist to get fully diagnosed.

Idonu0026#39;t know why i wanted to do that so bad, but i was curiousto see what would happen.

If the doctor thinksthereu0026#39;s a chance you have adhd, theyu0026#39;re going to dowhat they can to help you.

I thought that taking the course would help mebecause im looking to pursue music in some way as a future career(mostly looking towards music production).

Another time, she made me go tothe doctor for a pimple that i didnu0026#39;t care about, and mydoctor prescribed me acne medicine, but my mom said that theprescription was too greasy and that it might worsen.

I trained myself so hard to stop beinghyperactive as a tween (which i was very criticized for).

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