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Soon, I saw Amber in their playhouse, waving me over.

When I got over the fence, Amber said I had to hurry up be- cause Liz would be coming to the playhouse real soon.

When Amber and I got in the playhouse, the little eight-year- old dragged me back to a corner, behind a large puppet theater.

She giggled as she whispered that Liz was going to bring in their gardener and put on a show for us.

But she re- minded me as she silently began to rub my half-limp cock into erect- ness.

Looking over at her, I saw that she wasn't even looking at my peter, but was staring intently at her sister and the old man on the couch.

At ten minutes of four, I was hanging around the park near the back fence of Liz's yard.I was just kneeling down to put my half-hard prick in her hand when we heard the door to the playhouse open. Looking toward the door, I realized the puppet theatre was covered in some kind of dark cloth, so you could see right out into the room, especially when Liz turned on a lamp beside the couch.As we watched, an old man walked in and sat down on the couch.When I looked back into the room, I saw that Liz now had her skirts up around her waist as she walked around the room.She had given up any pretense of dancing and was just showing off her almost- shapely legs and pink cotton underpants to the gardener. You know you have to show me your nasty old dick if you want to see my secret place.

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