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Meanwhile, though men are also expected to present themselves tidily, it's more acceptable for them to be unshaved, slightly unkempt and out of shape.

If a Russian man is too well groomed, it may raise questions about his masculinity.

One’s family holds the highest importance to individuals in Russia.

Relatives usually have very close relationships and are interdependent, helping each other in times of need.

Family sizes may also be limited by economic conditions.

Women have equal rights to study and work in Russia.

Generally, most Russians adore children and aspire to have their own.

It’s a primary goal to see one’s child be more successful than oneself and so Russians are often deeply proud of their kids.

Many young couples aspire to move out of their parents’ home after marriage.

Women are expected to be well groomed, reserved and have a feminine look.

Those who are strong-willed or outspoken can make people feel uncomfortable.

Some families of lower-socioeconomic backgrounds may combine their assets in order for all members to have economic security.

Typically, if grandparents live with the nuclear family, their pensions contribute to the family budget.

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