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She leaned down and hugged him from behind, her tits pressing against his head. Karen quickly pulled down his boxers to free Dave's hard cock. It was now bigger, like how a man's cock should be like.

She could feel how warm and hard his cock was and it was getting a bit wet and sticky from his precum.

"Was his mother very interested in what he had in his shorts? Karen noticed a wet sticky spot at the tip of the bulge. "Oh shit mom," Dave groaned as he felt his mom lick the tip of his cock through his boxers. Karen used her lips to bite the bulge in his shorts. Dave was groaning again as his mom slipped a hand down his boxers.

She hugged him and let him rest his head on her tits. Then she placed her hand on his lap, near his now hardening cock.Bill couldn't take it as her screams send a vibrating sensation on his cock.He tried fucking her mouth and only succeeded to slide it in and out a few times and soon he busted a nut.Karen grabbed their cocks in either hand and jerked them off slowly. As Dave was still a virgin, he was very excited and ready to bust a nut soon. When his breathing grew stronger, she let go and let him recover. Meanwhile, Dave was furiously darting his tongue in and out of his mother's cunt.She rested on a few pillows causing her upper body to be elevated so that the men's pricks were at her face level. Show him how good a blowjob from his mother is." "Fuck dad, do you always get your dick sucked like this? "Fuck yeah son," Bill groaned as he felt his wife sucking him off now. He used two fingers to fuck her pussy too, spreading and opening up the hole.

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