Eclipse validating xml slow

There are many performance enhancements done in recent version of eclipse.

If you are using a older version you may want to try the latest version first to see its performance.

Eclipse has a large plugin repository with really powerful set of plugins.

As we start using our eclipse setup more and more we require even more set of plugins to be productive.

Below are some of hard learned tricks that may help you with eclipse slowness.

For several years of programming, I did not know how to speed up eclipse.

It is very obvious that this powerful tool can do a lot of things for us.

In this article I am trying to compile all the list of things I have personally learned and used for keeping my eclipse setup best performing.

At times you may be stuck with a badly written plugin that may affect whole of you eclipse setup.The location of varies based on operating systems and is a follows On Windows/Linux : is located in your Eclipse installation directory.It should in the same directory as your (on Windows) or eclipse binary (on Linux) is located.Agile Development Practices suggest developers keep a solutions log.I think we can all benefit from a combined solutions log.

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