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I see this as a waste of time because you are building up certain impressions and expectations.Even when people say they don't have any expectations, it's impossible not to have some when you've been talking to someone online for weeks/months.A special tag name of " Shortcut tags represent one or more other tags, and are used like any other tag when reading, writing or copying information.Be sure to keep a copy of the original, or thoroughly validate the new file before erasing the original.It's all very well saying you are "getting to know" someone online, but I think this is a very false impression because you can't truly get to know someone without spending time with them, in reality.That's why so many people say, "Well we talked online for seventeen years and I thought I knew him intimately, but when we finally met he was totally different!Before you decide to hermitize yourself, why not try this option. The person puts up the profile, so they are not going to advertise undesirable qualities.

Heck, that's what these sites are for=Single people.Tag names are entered on the command line with a leading '', in the order you want them displayed.The tag name may be prefixed by a group name (separated by a colon) to identify a specific information type or location.MSN's also good precisely because it ISN'T a dating Website, so there's none of that suggestiveness that can make things a little awkward.On MSN, you're just an outgoing, curious person -- not a guy/girl looking for sex.

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