Tegan and sara dating anyone

My mom was a very feminine, girly-girl-type mom, but after about six years she threw in the brush and comb and was like, “Fine—have ugly rat-nest hair, I don’t care.” And then all of a sudden I was 21 and started caring about my hair because I met this really wonderful stylist.I don’t like to think I’m obsessed with my hair, or that it’s a vanity thing—but I love my hair. I’m very excited to get it cut; I like to have my hair touched”.Here, Sara candidly tells GO about the album, her hair, and her sister’s crocodile tears.GO: The Con in many ways has a darker sound than some of your previous albums. Sara Quin: I feel like a lot of that has to do with production.

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But the people who download the album early are the kind of people that are excited about music, so it doesn’t bum me out that much. I don’t know how you could have a different attitude about it these days, because if you say that it bums you out or you hate it, then people get in your face.For the first 21 years of my life, I didn’t care about my hair.I was a total tomboy; I thought my hair was like being born with a limp or something.For more about Sara, Tegan and The Con check out or myspace.com/teganandsara. Tegan, Lindsey, and some other guy all have this tattoo….. I swear, next time there’s a Tegan and Sara Chat this should be everyone’s question.

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