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And aren't the French too reserved and uninterested in making new friends with us foreigners?The Local France has put together a team of wise experts who have shed some light on the conundrum and we have also come up with a list of TOP TIPS for how to make friends with the French.For us we were here full time for ten years so the children were born and went to school here so slightly easier for us to maintain contacts here. They are not like the Italians who are more keen to make friends.

The advice that seasoned expats often give to newcomers is that if you really want to settle in France you need to make friends with the locals - that doesn't mean other expats living locally but French people - real Gallic French people. Surely there's no harm in passing away the days, weeks and months among fellow Anglo boozers in an "Irish" pub.

These are all things you miss out on if you don’t get involved with local French people.”“After I had been here for two years, I would have said that you can’t really replace the friendships you have had in the UK, with French ones.

You don’t have the shared history that you did with friends from school, university or work.“In general I think it’s absolutely necessary to make French friends if you really want to settle here. You will get much more out of life here by making French friends.“There are a lot of cultural differences, you just have to be open minded. You are really talking about being here for a decade before you get a real friendship with them.

Looking for a co-worker, co-partner, (and maybe more if we find acquaintances), someone to help me with my large property.

I just wanted to thank you for your brilliant and safe site.

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