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It’s beautiful and a classic, although probably not for everyone. Since i'm from Vietnam, this is exactly how it smell like on a sunny summer day in Hoi An, peaceful and relaxing.

Thank you everyone here for such reviews, i blind buy this fragrance after read all the positive reviews here and it is all true. One of my female friends loves to wear Habit Rouge & they "look" so good together.

She has a sunny disposition, she´s optimistic & light-hearted - and Habit Rouge is a perfect fit for a woman like her.

The fragrance is fresh, herbal, slightly spicy, semisweet & smoky, in short - casual & sophisticated. Quite surprisingly the opening lasts a lot longer than what you might be used to with top notes.

Someone's already said it, but every time I wear this I get something different: a tangy uplifting bergamot, spine-aligning green vetiver, a cool earthy patch that settles in lightly with the dusty spices and powder, or sticky, phlegmatic labdanum; even a touch of civet in the slick-but-lived-in leather accord. My tastes vary as to genre, but it's a contender for GOAT for me.

I would like to try something more masculine from Guerlain, as this house does seem quite unique to me, so I may try Vetiver at some point. ) It SHOULD be a damned mess, but it's genius instead.

When that fades then I get a very nice woodsy vanilla scent that lasts for a good long while. I am in touch with time and its affairs, and I live with an eye toward eternal realities.

I don't really get the incense smell people keep talking about with this one but overall a very nice fragrance that I'm really enjoying! Therefore, I am a gentleman, and I present myself as such." Habit Rouge is a gentleman's fragrance. Leather and woods give it the masculinity of strength and character, as well as intrigue. Incense reminds us that life and love reach into eternity. I rarely wear unisex and I haven’t worn fragrances designed for men, but when my husband applied this, it was all over... I think it’s the most stunning fragrance - probably the most floral of the male fragrances I am familiar with.

The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Paul Guerlain.

This is a long-lasting complex fragrance that can’t be understood by just sniffing the opening in a department store, which is fortunate because this fragrance is pretty hard to find in stores in the U. Begins with a very sharp citrus / lemon blast, goes into a sunny vanilla stage, and ends hours later with hints of leather.

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